Self Serve Dog Wash - About Us

Self-Serve Dog Wash

We are happy to announce our Grand Opening March 30, 2019!

We are a Self-Serve Dog Wash.  We provide our customers with ergonomically-designed tubs for you to wash your dog without the bending/kneeling at home.  

We have a selection of shampoos/conditioners for you to choose from to meet the needs of your furry friend.  Our shampoos/conditioners are Professional Pet Products  (PPP)  Aromacare, aromatherapy for pets, utilizing aromatic oils and botanical extracts for healing, relieving stress, conditioning, and fragrancing.

We also provide the towels, variable-speed dryers, and grooming supplies, such as brushes, deshedding tools, combs, nail clippers, nail grinder,  ear cleaner, and many Aromacare sprays, including Brightening, Calming, Cooling, Rejuvenating, Revitalizing, and Soothing.  And the Best Part leave with a clean and happy pet while we clean up the mess (no matter how dirty the mess)!

If you have your own shampoo, brushes, or specific bathing/drying tools your dog prefers, you can certainly bring them on your visit.  We just ask that no electric clippers be used while at The Scrub.

If your fuzzy buddy is easily distracted and would like to get a bath at a time that may be quieter, call first to check on high-volume times.  Easier for you and your dog to get the job done! :)

We look forward to meeting you all.  Happy Tails!